Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy before it fully matures. In most countries abortions are illegal, but in other states, it’s completely acceptable.

The most common form of abortion is the pill abortion; the pills are called misoprostol and mifepristone. One takes the pills home after meeting with a doctor who asses the patient. The doctor tells you what to expect, this usually after some tests have been done, and after the doctor has determined how far the pregnancy is along. The medical practitioner gives you written instructions and a 24-hour phone number that you can access for any inquiries or questions. Mifepristone helps in blocking the progesterone produced by the body to sustain a pregnancy. The mifepristone causes nausea and bleeding in some individuals. The medical practitioner often gives the patient antibiotics which help in preventing infections.

Misoprostol causes cramping, which lasts for one or two days, and bleeding which starts 1-4 hours after one takes the pills. It is normal for one to notice clumps of tissue and large clots; this process is often compared to the miscarriage process. The removal of the pregnancy tissues may last up to 5 hours depending on an individual. Other symptoms such as dizziness, feeling tired, fever, vomiting and the need to frequently empty your bowels are very normal. For the cramps, one is advised to put a hot bottle or a heating pad over your stomach. Sitting on the toilet also helps and to have someone massage your back. One is advised not to take aspirin as it increases the bleeding. One can take ibuprofen as a painkiller and anti-nausea drugs. For the bleeding one is advised against using tampons and instead,she should use maxi-pads. One should avoid activities such as swimming as it may cause infections. An individual should also abstain from sexual intercourse as one may easily contract infections. There are different methods in which an abortion is carried out. If your pregnancy is less than twelve weeks, first trimester, one can go with the suction method in which a vacuum tube is inserted through the cervix to suck the fetus. This method is the most preferred among young girls. For a woman to decide to terminate a pregnancy in the second trimester, a surgical abortion is done. However, she needs to be put on hormone-blocking drug as her body is fully prepared to accommodate a fetus and produces hormones to sustain the fetus all through the nine months. The hormone-blocking tablets are put in the mouth, under the tongue, or inserted in the vagina two hours before the key procedure is carried out. Two days before the surgical procedure is done a device is inserted in the cervix to widen it; the device swells over hours creating space for the abortion procedure to occur. Medication can also be used to enhance the procedure.

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