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Many institutions of higher learning have a very interesting history. University education has taken many aspects of modern life but most universities that have been around for centuries. The oldest ones are:

  • University of Bologna
  • Situated in Bologna Italy, this is a school that is estimated to have been established in 1088 and is considered to be the first one in the sense of higher learning and awarding degrees to scholars. It is so old that the word university developed from its foundation. The University of Bologna got its charter from Frederick Barbarossa around 1158. A committee of historians that was led by Giosué Carducci did research to trace the founding of this old university to 1088. Since then it has been considered to be the first university. It Latin Motto (Alma mater studiorum) means “nourishing mother if studies.”

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Both Americans and Britons speak in English but there are fundamental differences. The differences are in spelling, pronunciation and reference to things or activities. One of the most obvious differences is in the most loved game of 22 players. The British will call it football while Americans call it soccer. Their version of football is a different game altogether where players dress like a wicket keeper in cricket.

Did you know that American do not use the word please where Britons expect it to be? British will say please when they order for something in shop or restaurant as t hey consider the action by the persons who serve them as a personal request. Americans consider ordering as mere act to provide the waiter or store attendant with the necessary information so will not include please in their conversation.

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New York is not just famous for Broadway and Wall Street. It is also a host some of the most prestigious universities in United States and the world. These are:

  1. Cornell University
  2. This is one of the top universities in the world US and is ranked 14th in the world. It is one of the Ivy League universities. Cornell University offers a wide range of vocational and academic courses for different categories of students. It is one of the universities that teach modern Far East languages. It admits students to study:

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For creative writing paper projects, you have to express thoughts and emotions when conveying the message. Creative writing leans more towards literature as it is an art where you have to make things up. The writing is not strictly academic or technical, but you still have to feed the audience with useful information. Creative writing should be original and self-expressive. It can also be entertaining when you do not present facts in straightforward facts like a news article.

When you are writing an original paper, start by creating a setup. Set up helps you to establish characters that inhabit in an absolute world. These characters should be related to each other to carry the story up to the end. Let the first act to create some dramatic occurrence to introduce the story. For creative writing, you should also have a turning point that sets the pace for rest of the piece.

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There are times when you may be unable to complete your academic assignment. It could be that you have many tasks to handle therefore cannot complete some of your academic papers on time. Other assignments could be very complex therefore it will be hard to meet the expectations of your professor. It is at such a time when you require the services of a professional academic writer.

Professional academic writers are always prepared to serve students who are stuck with their papers. Most of the professional academic writers are always ready to help students who are stuck with their papers at short notice. Many professional academic writers work for online academic writing so you can find them easily. When you contact a writing service, it will choose one of its qualified writers to start working on your order within a short time.

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