Scholarly writing in nursing is writing of formal work in an academic setting to convey ideas and make arguments for scholarly conversation. Scholarly writing is impersonal but formal and factual. Term paper, research paper, these and dissertation are some of the works that nursing students write. Most academic papers might have their stylistic conventions, but they share writing characteristics that that help in writing a quality paper.

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A nursing associate (NA) is a position to work within the nursing team providing care and support to patients and other healthcare service users. It is among the new roles in nursing that started in England. Trainees get an apprenticeship for all areas of nursing enabling them to work across different healthcare areas. Most of the trainees are recruits from existing roles they perform as healthcare assistants. The purpose of a nursing associate role is to train healthcare workers who bridge the gap between registered nurses and health care assistants.

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A nursing report is a document that nurses hand over to others at shift change to let them know the patient's conditions. It can also be a report to explain something during a legal investigation. A report during the transfer of a patient to another unit in a hospital is necessary because another team will take over the care.

Some nurses refer to reports that they write to present at the end of a shift as handoff. The exchange is usually at allocation where other people will not hear a discussion about it to secure patient information.

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The drinking age in America currently is 21 years old. At this age in all 52 states, a young man or woman is considered old enough to have an alcoholic drink without supervision. I believe this age is appropriate because the young man or woman ha had the chance to learn enough about alcohol and harmful substances to be able to take a drink responsibly. At the age of 18, a young adult is granted by the state most of the freedoms and responsibilities of adulthood.

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Immigrants are people who move from their home countries to go live in a foreign country permanently. In most cases, they go and settle abroad as refugees first before being granted asylum or permanent residency. Refugees flee due to volatile situations such as civil war, political unrest, perhaps even an epidemic that was life-threatening. However, in most cases, immigrants move from their countries in desperation due to poverty hoping for a better future in a foreign land.

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