ASPEN Plus Process Simulation

For ASPEN simulations of the phenol production process, we will use a zeolite catalyst. The material dissociates into ion during the process and hence dissolves. The EPNRTL property method was employed in the implementation of the simulation throughout the report.

Speed of sound


The experiment aims at measuring the speed of sound in air. The experiment requires us to measure the time taken for a sound pulse to travel a given distance. To accurately deduce the speed of sound we will plot a graph of the distance traveled versus the time taken, and finally, obtain the slope.


A sound is a wave that is propagated through pressure change. The object generating the sound will push air resulting in the increase in pressure in front of it. The cycle will create a movement of high and low regions in the wave creating sound.

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Heart-Rending Test in Ebola Zone: A Baby


The article talks about the tribulations that pregnant women went through during childbirth in the Ebola era in Liberia. The case addressed is one of an old couple from Suakoko goes to an Ebola treatment center to take their hemorrhaging daughter and newly born. Their daughter is pronounced dead, but the baby survives only to die because of lack of appropriate care.

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Design project report for Engineering Mechanics


Understanding materials in mechanics is critical in the application of the materials in the in mechanics. This fact has led to the investigation of a truss bridge to establish why it is permanently deflected under a load that is higher than the allowable specification (Ashby). The test majorly entails establishing the causes of failure of a truss bridge due to loading. The test will majorly entail loading of the truss bridge and collect data relevant for the compilation of the Young's modulus, yield stress and ultimate tensile stress. These tests will be done severally so as to increase the accuracy of the data obtained. This document presents the raw data obtained, the failure report and the material testing discussion.

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