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Students must write various academic papers within the semesters. Some have deadlines almost on similar dates reducing the time that someone requires to research and write a top class paper. Due to the pressure of academic work, students may not always write their best papers. Sometimes they require editing service to improve their work or change it after recommendations by members of their faculty.

Are you looking for academic editing service online? is the right place for you. We are an experienced academic editing service that has been in business for long. We offer reliable and affordable editing services to improve the results of your academic work. We have more than 1500 experienced academic writers and editors. Academic Writers Bureau (AWB) has become a global leader in providing quality editing service that has earned use loyal customers in over 40 countries. We have a simple ordering process that takes less than 5 minutes.

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For an insightful review by a specialist in your subject and academic convention, is the place to come.

"This is an amazing service. I ordered for editing, and I got a paper without errors. The editor improved everything about my paper, and I got the highest grades ever. I recommend editing service to students."

Joe. P. reviewed on Nov 28, 2016 via SiteJabber. Click here to read the entire review and others. Find out about the way we are committed to verified reviews. .

It takes much effort and more time to research for information that you use in writing an academic paper. It will be cumbersome to repeat the process if your edited work fails to meet the expectations. Editing is a simpler way to improve your paper. The concern by most students is that they do not know how to edit their papers without affecting the core arguments. Others feel they wrote to their best ability and cannot improve further.

AWB will save you from this predicament by providing an editor with experience in editing academic in your field. We provide you with an opportunity to preview samples for you to gauge our ability before making an order. All the samples you find are from our writers. If you want to check samples for a specific type of paper such as a dissertation, go to our Google Custom Search and type "dissertation editing sample."

When writing a dissertation proposal, it should be about a particular topic that is appropriate to your study field. It shows that you will carry extensive research to solve a problem yet narrow enough for you to complete before the end of the course. We shall use latest references to support your points.

There is value in inspecting a product before buying. We have prepared numerous Academic Writers Bureau samples for perusal and evaluation. Each of the samples is written carefully by expert writers who are the same ones that we assign you to work once you place an order. We have samples for all genres of dissertations. If you want to see samples of dissertation proposals, use our Google Custom Search to query "dissertation proposal."

Our academic editors do their job to perfection. We track changes by our editors so that you can compare it with your original version and determine the areas that need improving. It is the reason why we choose an academic editing expert who will improve all areas of the work for our client to use the paper as a reference for developing their writing skills.

A well-written academic paper should have strong arguments. Your editors will create a precise thesis statement that will resonate with the readers and create their interest in following your argument. They begin by reading and understanding the direction of your argument to make sure that it is consistent with the thesis statement. The editor will also review the impression that your argument creates on the readers to know if all the content is relevant in supporting it.

Most universities will provide comprehensive guidelines in dissertation manuals. There might be some variations depending on the area of study. It is the discretion of a dissertation committee to decide, but a dissertation proposal will consist the following:

Title page: A short descriptive title of your proposed thesis projects. Also has the name of the author, school, department, research mentor, mentor’s school and delivery date.

Abstract: A brief summary of a thesis proposal

Table of Contents: List of all headings and sub-headings with their page numbers

Introduction: States the central research question, background on the subject and relates it to broader issues that surround it.

Statement of problem: Clearly, identifies the problem or the knowledge gap that you are responding to with your project. Note that your dissertation committee might require you to include this section in the introduction, purpose section or write it independently. It depends on the field

Aims and Objectives: State what you expect to achieve with your research and the outcomes to predict. Literature review: List of books and materials you referred to when doing your research.

Dissertation methodology: Breaks down the sources you plan to use for research and data to collect, either qualitative or quantitative. You may decide to include how you will analyze your data.

Significance and implications: Discuses any new knowledge that the proposed project will produce, why people should know it and implications, constraints, and suggestion for future study.

Overview of Chapters: Some proposals might include this brief description of the relevant chapters, but it depends on the instructions of your advisor.

Preliminary Results and discussion: Presents any results that you already got and how they fit into the framework of your dissertation.

A work plan with a time table: A detailed schedule of the dates you anticipate to complete specific sections of your dissertation and what you will do till you complete your course. The committee uses your work plan to determine if the project is realistic after considering the methods available and requirements by the institution.

List of references: It is a bibliography citing all the text, ideas, concepts, and data that is not your own. .

The strength of an academic paper lies in the way you convince the reader to accept your argument. Your writing should persuade readers to accept that your research has significance on a matter certain. To convince the readers, you must demonstrate that your research method was adequate for collecting genuine evidence.

For academic work, you persuade readers to accept the significance of your research by demonstrating the methodology used to gather data for supporting your claim and why it is the most suitable. academic editing includes evaluating the evidence to determine if it helps in supporting the credibility of an outcome. We may edit the text that does not add value to the argument and replace with stronger points with better supporting evidence just tweak the evidence to make it stronger .

Your peers can play a crucial role in helping you to know whether your academic paper will make an impression to your faculty and readers or if it needs some amendments. Your peers will offer you a correct opinion when you involve them when reviewing and proofreading your work. When you proofread without seeking a second opinion, you are likely to give it a biased opinion.

Alternatively, you can turn to We always carry out an extensive editorial review before and after editing. We also use Copyscape to perform an originality verification to ensure that your work is authentic and of the standard that your faculty expects from students.

An outstanding academic paper should have an objective to meet by the time you conclude. Unfortunate, you may fail to achieve your goal especially for paper with complex topics. When you seek our editing service, we will realign any misplaced content and change it to points that add weight to your research and evidence. Our editors have access to multiple sources of information and will find additional content that supports your claims and adds credibility of your arguments.

Let our academic editing team help your with your paper. Are you ready?

Our Academic Editing Process

  • Continued Support

    Most likely, you are seeking our service after reading or hearing about our good reputation. We have achieved this status as we set high professional standards for our editing services. We do not limit our editing to just changing the wording. Academic Writers Bureau editors thoroughly evaluate the content, presentation of ideas, transitions, supporting evidence, tone, and conclusions. We edit your paper to the point where it can fetch the best grades. We are open to provide support even after we deliver your order. You can contact us during the revision window, and we respond to any request for amendments. 

  • Approach to Arguments

    Most types of academic papers have claims and supporting evidence. One of the best ways of appealing to your reader is to present factual evidence. Students make the mistake of presenting some arguments that seem hypothetical, personal or illogical. If your paper has such weakness, Academic Writers Bureau will pick them out and find a suitable replacement from reliable and factual sources. We will find a valid point for supporting or defending your argument and supporting your thesis without becoming excessive.

  • Suitability of a Rebuttal

    Rebuttals present counterarguments to refute a certain point of view. It is suitable for an academic paper to address both sides of an argument, depending on the subject and the context. We will evaluate these factors and determine if your writing requires a rebuttal. If so, we use it as a rhetorical device to that bring out both sides of the argument.

  • The Conclusion

    A conclusion sums up the central theme of an academic paper. Many writers feel lost as they do not know how to summarize the whole paper especially for long documents in a few sentences.

    Our editors make it their duty to read all the contents and identify the main arguments for the purpose of proper editing. Since they already know the most important points, it will be simple to reiterate the thesis and summarize the main arguments into a powerful academic paper conclusion that leaves a lasting impression.

  • Additional References

    We are an experienced academic, and rely on our vast knowledge to create comprehensive guidelines for writing and editing academic papers. You find more useful points in our Academic Writers Bureau writer help section. Still, do not hesitate to ask for help from your peers. When you combine their views about your paper with our guidelines, you will determine the areas of your writing that need improvement.

  • Fair use Policy

    We offer a free revision if we fail to meet the original requirements. We limit the request for free revisions to seven (7) days of completing the order. Our turnaround is 3 days. Additional fees may apply for revision request that included new instructions or for shorter revising deadline

    We do not condone plagiarism, infringement of copyright and academic dishonesty. We urge our clients to use papers that we rewrite for a large section in the course of our editing for reference with proper citing.

  • Reviews is proud of getting strong reviews from various review vendors.

    • 4.9 Google reviews based on 29 reviews
    • 4.8/5 Better Business Bureau reviews based on 151 reviews
    • 4.4/5 SiteJabber reviews based on 278 reviews
    • 4.0/5 Facebook reviews based on 60 reviews
  • Our Promise

    We promise our clients of quality services that include these features:

    • Unique editing for each paper according to its merits
    • Access to experienced proofreaders and editors
    • Timely editing and delivery

    We also offer the amenities below for free:

    • Post-editing adjustments
    • Final proofreading
    • Plagiarism report
    • Additional references
  • Our Related Services

    In addition to providing quality academic editing services, AWB also provides these professional services:

    • Writing
    • rewriting
    • Proofreading
    • Reviewing
  • Our Experience

    It is not simple to edit academic work that you wrote since you did your best. Your supervisor might provide recommendations, but it is still hard to edit work without affecting the evidence. It may require you some additional research. will save you the time by assigning your paper to an editor from your academic field to revise within a short time and to the standard that you could not achieve. We promise you of a well-improved paper with changes that do not alter the evidence supporting your claim.

    Each of our orders includes free revisions for each order. It will not cost you more in there is a need to amend something on the edited paper.


  • How experienced are you in academic writing?

    We are a well-established custom writing service that has been in business for years, and we are still serving more customers. Today, we have many satisfied customers who do not consider placing orders at other services because of the pleasant experience they enjoy when working with us. We are prepared to serve even more customers.

  • What kind of writing services do you provide?

    We are a comprehensive academic writing service that helps students to write and organize their different papers. We will help you to write all sorts of academic papers including essay, research paper, case study, term paper, and dissertation. We also write theses, capstone project, essay, research papers and PICO analysis.

  • Do you offer discounts to customers?

    We charge affordable prices as we know that students do not have much money. We also have different discount schemes at various times to enable the students to make some savings. We provide a discount code for you to redeem the discount. We welcome our first-time customers with a 15% discount.

  • Who are you?

    We are graduates and educators from the top universities in U.S who share some common educational philosophies and ideals. Some our writers and editors have taught university students. Most of us have published their work on academic publications. Our work allows interaction with students and academicians thus helping us to keep on improving our already high-quality writing standards.

  • Is it ethical to get your assistance for my academic assignment?

    We write original model papers that you can use with proper referencing as a source of the following:

    • Ideas or arguments for your research
    • Additional understanding of a subject
    • Direct citing

    All the same, you should check the policies of your college/university and their explanation of plagiarism to make a conscious decision. Always paraphrase our paper when you use the content in your work.

  • How confidential is your service?

    Academic Writers Bureau will ask you to provide personal information like your name, email address, and phone number when placing an order. We use this information to contact you, but we keep it fully confidential. We will never distribute it to third parties. Our support team only reaches you through the numbers or emails we have listed on our website. Our customer representatives do not ask for your credit card information during telephone conversations. You should only enter it when filling our PayPal billing form during online payment process and wait for a confirmation letter to your order page.

  • Where are you located?

    We are based in the United States, but our writing service is in high demand in over 40 countries around the globe. Our customer support department is on call 24/7. You can contact us at any time of the day or night regardless of the time difference. Our support department responds to your questions or helps you with the order process. We have a pool of over 1500 writers, and you will always get a qualified writer for your work round the clock. .

  • How do you set your prices?

    We charge reasonable prices that students can afford depending on the type of nursing paper, turnaround and complexity. Our prices might be higher than that of some writing services. The purpose is to enable us to hire the best professional nursing papers which will meet the requirements by customers and their schools. We give you the value for money we charge you.

  • Can I trust you with my academic work?

    You can trust us fully. We run a business that requires a good reputation for customers to have confidence in us. We strive to offer the best service and satisfy each customer by providing personalized attention. It is the reason why we have many repeat customers. Currently, most of our orders are from referrals by satisfied customers.

  • What should I choose you instead of your competitors?

    It is true that most of our competitors will use pre-written papers that they store in their databases to write your paper. They copy and paste some sentences and keywords from existing papers then claim they wrote an original piece. This process will take only one or two hours, yet you pay for a fully authentic paper. It also increases the chances of plagiarism on your paper.

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