The general definition of family is a unit that comprises of mother, father, and children; this explanation has however changed as many households are run by single parents who are single by choice or the unexpected death of a spouse. The parents can either be biological parents, adoptive parents, or step-parents.

Family can be categorized by having the same ancestral home. We also have extended family where we incorporate the uncles, aunts, grandparents, and cousins. One can also become family by marriage; this is whereby you become part of your in-laws family unit.

We have blended families whereby each parent comes into a marriage with a child or children thus uniting and becoming a family. Same-sex couples can also adopt a child or have a child via surrogacy and form a family unit.

Friends can turn into the family with all the family disputes going on nowadays. For example, street children find solace in each other and for street families; you don’t have to be related by blood to be a family. Members of big empires and cartels also consider themselves family. These forms of family are called family by choice as you are the one who decides who gets to become your family; the work colleagues, neighbors, or schoolmates. Institutions also refer themselves as families; no matter their size.

However, a unit does not have to consist of children for it to be a family. We have childless couples who are still a family. We also have families that consist of “Husband and Husband” and “wife and wife” the lack of children doesn’t make their unit any lesser. Foster families are also a type of family whereby a social worker places an orphaned child or a child who was living in an un-conducive environment in a foster home. The foster home is made up of a caregiver or caregivers and children; the children are from different backgrounds, religions, and race. Children homes are also formed families for young ones thus giving them the thrill of belonging to a family set up.

The school curriculums should consider a child’s background before confusing them with the traditional family structure; they should include all the definitions of a family structure, to stop children with the puzzling questions that may arise in the children’s minds.

Family members are people who take vacations with you, attend special holidays, and functions with you. People whose presence means a lot to you and their absence affects you emotionally and physically.

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The dictionary definitions about family don’t elaborate what a family is as they focus on the traditional definitions of a family. The family is made up of people who you can trust and are always promoting your brand. A family is about loyalty, and people who you can take a bullet for and can return that favor.

The term family can mean content or products that are suitable for both children and adults; they can be cereals, movie, or even holiday packages.