Homeschooling is the process in which a private tutor is hired to teach an individual in the confines of their home. Homeschooling is a trend that is acquiring popularity across the world. Parents prefer to homeschool to the traditional private and public schools. Parents can also tutor their kids if they are staying at home parents or if they can’t afford a private tutor. Different guardians to homeschooling for different reasons, such as:

1. Religious beliefs

Some caregivers are not pleased with the type of values and beliefs schools are instilling in their off-springs, and hence they believe in taking up the responsibility of giving the children the skills themselves.

2. Academic reasons

When guardians are dissatisfied with the educational system in their different countries, they turn to homeschool curriculum. Brian Ray, the founder of National Home Educational Research Institute, observed that children who attend home school perform better as compared to the ones who attend public schools.

3. Learning styles

The long hours in class put off students as they get bored and are easily distracted; this causes students to dread the thought of going to school. Some students understand better while doing experiments as compared to reading word by word from the textbooks.

4. Health reasons

Some children have delicate health that sees them take long hours from school, to seek medical attention making them miss out on some classroom study. The guardian then opts to homeschool the child rather than paying extra tuition fees. Other children need specialized tutors dues to particular problems, and hence they are homeschooled.

5. Aptitude level

Some parents or tutors opt to train the child at his/her pace without worrying about other children catching up or getting bored. Homeschooling mostly focuses on the child’s weaknesses, and aim at improving the child’s talents and learning capacity. When creating a schedule, you have to know what works for the child and the tutor; it doesn’t have to be a fixed schedule; a flexible schedule is usually the best as it eliminates the rate of monotony.

However, not all homes are suitable for homeschool as children are easily distracted by activities going on in their environment. Rowdy environments make it difficult for a child to learn; hence one should look for a quiet and calm environment for homeschooling. The ratio of homeschool is one-on-one; the teacher is able to focus fully on the student thus yielding great results.

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Parents, who wish to take up the responsibility of teaching their children, don’t need a degree in education to do so as long as they abide by the jurisdiction of their respective states. There are also online videos that can help one in homeschooling.

A child needs to take the mandatory tests provided by the state to monitor his/her educational progress. The tests keep the students at par with the other public and private school students. A child can be homeschooled until he/she graduates and attends college. Homeschooling is slowly taking over the education system around the world.