How to avoid procrastination

Procrastination is the tendency of postponing activities; this causes people to carry out activities at the eleventh hour. Procrastination can be associated with mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and irrational behavior. To avoid procrastination one can create a timetable, have work appraisals, and sign contracts. These documents enable one to work on things in a timely manner.

To put an end to dithering you have to set goals for yourself, and set deadlines. This motivates you to complete tasks on time. You avoid postponing activities. The goals that you set should be divided into small categories; big goals can make one feel lazy causing one to stale.

Visualize how you want the outcome of your future to look like; this gives you a strength that motivates one to get his/her tasks complete. Reward yourself with every achievement of a well-completed goal; these rewards inspire you to accomplish more tasks.

Start doing activities today; don’t keep pushing your dates. Many people waste their time by not starting activities on the set dates. This can make people fall back in their strategies. One should lose the fear that they are holding on. The fear is what usually instigates procrastination


When starting projects, make sure that they interest you, this makes one look forward to doing the projects. The projects set should be realistic and achievable; one should not strain himself/herself with activities that drain his energy and take up all his time. Mark your calendar dates on when projects should be started, and keep records on how your progress should be with the projects. The diaries help you check in, and evaluate one's progress.

Stop making excuses for tasks you have not started or completed. Honesty is the best policy; be honest with yourself, this makes you push harder and get tasks fulfilled. Getting someone to push you harder is a great way of eliminating procrastination.

One should stay alert on what they want to achieve and the outcome. You should drop people who do not inspire you or help you in completing your projects. Find easy ways to get your projects done, to avoid getting bored.

Learn to create time for everything, and avoid distractions especially in your environment. You should avoid environments that could aid in engaging in other activities such as: texting your friends and engaging in social media. The internet has proven to be notorious for feeding procrastination.

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No one is perfect, avoid the urge of being perfect as this can fuel procrastination; one should do their everyday jobs to the best of his/her ability. Do not carry the burden of your past procrastinations; learn to forgive yourself, and learn to focus on the present and future, bury the past and let it go. Beating yourself up for past mistakes only makes you delay and fall back in your errands.

Have self-discipline and set your priorities right to avoid guilt, self-loathe, panic, and being hysterical over things you can control. Procrastination is the killer of many great things.