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Doing an action continually is know as a habit. Sometimes one may not realize that whatever he/she is doing is evil in their minds. Overeating, nail biting, smoking, etc. are some of the things people overdo without knowing. Therefore, the question a lot of people have been asking is why is it so hard to change our attitudes? Are there any remedies to this behavior? ?

It is better to understand what triggers these behaviors. Know how we come to our decisions. Habits are formed by doing an action continuously. If you want to get rid of a bad habit, it is advisable first to know what triggers them and therefore come up with changes to counter them. The next step would be to go slow and make small changes to whatever you do, i.e. by either generating new habits. Be patient as this may take a lengthier period for it to be achievable.

Getting rid of a practice cannot be achieved by waking up and deciding to do so. A lot of planning is also involved for this to be successful. Think about what you are to do to eliminate this vice thoroughly. It will assist you to be better prepared for doing so. There is always an underlying reason for your bad habits. Factors such as boredom or even stress are main role players in these activities. One might consider smoking as it helps relieve stress or surf the internet to help divert one’s attention. Understanding what triggers your certain behaviors can help you overcome them easily. Others are: -

  • Bad company
  • Having no purpose in life

It is easier to replace a bad habit with another good action as it’s easier and more effective than simply cutting it off. Substituting has been known to take less mental effort and provides greater results in the long run. Change your environment. Over time, if you do the same actions in the same place, this will eventually make it harder to achieve your goal. Involve yourself with people that will assist you stop the vice. Try to do it as a joint adventure by joining forces with your friend who also wants to fulfill the same ambitions. Having a friend with you will help encourage one another plus help celebrate victories together.

Be ready to always plan for failure. We all slip every time. You may try it once, twice but you keep on reverting to your old self. Never give up as this is considered normal and will later assist you in understanding what you are going through and help pick yourself up from where you had fallen.

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Lastly, one should always train themselves to think differently about your bad actions. Try to have a negative mindset of what you are doing for example smoking and come up with positive alternatives to what can be done rather than lighting up a cigarette. Get support from either a close friend or from a support group that can help lift you up with extra encouragements and motivations to continue championing. If you have tried, but it is not fruitful then it would be best to seek professional help.