How to bathe a cat

It is uncommon and weird to find people who bathe their cats as they are generally known for grooming and keeping their selves tidy. Cats are generally known to fear water and if forced may lead to serious backlash and resistance that may need seeking of medical attention. So, how does one go about it? What are the tools needed?

  • A shampoo
  • Rubber Gloves
  • A large dry towel
  • A flannel that will be used to bathe the kitten

First, it is best advised to trim off the cat's claws. The reason for doing this is to decrease the damage they may cause to you. Missing this step will have a serious effect on your body as you risk getting scratches and wounds.

The next step would be to remove any tangles or knots in the fur. Trying to remove them when your cat is wet will be painful and prove to be a hard task. Buy a shampoo that is recommended by a vet or a specialist. Make sure that it has no perfume, harsh chemicals and mild to the cat’s body. It is always good to check the specifications to see if the bought product is right for your pet. Use a large basin or a bath tab which is half-filled with water. The water should be warm and not cold. Remember to also lay down mats for providing grip to the cat while standing. It reduces slips that may contribute to the general fear for the pet.

Tire your kitty out so that they are at their mellow point before immersing them in water. This way, your kitty is less likely to scratch, bite and even run away. Pick a time when your pet is at its calmness, probably after feeding them. Immerse toys in the water and play with it if they are still hyper to try and calm them. Make sure you also close the bathroom door so as not to let the cat run away. If the cats find bathing terrifying, they are likely to hiss. Cats are notorious for causing infections from bites sustained, therefore, seek medical advice if you are bitten.

Always offer your cat praise by offering them treats. These delicacies always act as distractions to them assisting you to continue with your job smoothly. Do not forget to wear protective clothing, this will ensure that you are free from scratches, bites plus also not getting yourself wet.

Hold your cat in a safe way preventing maintaining the control of your pet. It is easier and quicker to bathe your cat whenever there are two people involved especially if it is an annoying cat. Rinse your pet thoroughly with warm water avoiding the ears and the eyes.

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Be sure to look for signs whenever your cat is distressed. These signs include meowing, hissing, etc. always be gentle as you are bathing the cat. Do not scrub hard but gently massaging them.

When done, use a dry cloth to wipe any excess water from the cat’s body.