How to avoid a nervous breakdown during exams

Today, most medical professionals do not like using the term “nervous breakdown” as they try to clearly understand what causes this condition. A lot of factors may lead to this such as depression, panic disorder, stress among other potentials. Nervous breakdown is a temporary condition which makes someone unable to function correctly his daily activities. These symptoms differ from each individual and are, therefore, not the same.

In schools, most students have this problem especially when the exams are around the corner. All these due to one common factor, stress. It is a bodily reaction responding to any kind of threat mentally to fight or flight when in the sense of danger. When in such a situation, one’s nervous system responds by releasing stress and adrenaline hormones into the bloodstream which provoke the body for an alternative action. Too much stress situations can lead to serious health complications disrupting every organ system in the body. One can have an increased risk of heart attack, stroke, and also leave you with depression among other conditions.

Some of the problems associated with stress include: -

  • Poor decision making
  • Increased fear
  • Having a lot of anxiety

Students who depict these kinds of behavior tend to forget all that they have read in their semester period. What are the ways of dealing with a nervous breakdown?

Always strive to attend all classes during the school term

Attending lectures often not only increases marks on your attendance list but also a sure way of assisting the student with better ways of understanding what he/she is being taught. Skipping classes does not guarantee in the passing of exams but through hard work and careful guidance by the teacher.

Attending classes helps students gain a lot more as not all information is contained in the lecture notes given. Most lecturers give useful information about where to get other additional materials concerning the topic being taught. These materials offer a wider percentage of knowledge and broader understanding of the topic.

Preparation is key.

Before going into an examination hall, one must prepare a lot. Have a plan on how you are going to carry out your study i.e., through the formulation of a timetable and by having all the necessary study materials. It is always better to avoid cramming. Give yourself a maximum of three weeks to completely understand what the whole course was about and ensure that you have grasped and understood.

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Engage in a lot of group discussions

The beauty about having these groups is they can explain to you clearly by simplifying what the teacher was talking of the other day. Participating in group works make learning fun and enjoyable.

Ensure that you have a good night sleep

Having a good sleep ensures that you wake up the next day refreshed to encounter the paper. Your mind will be at peace during the examination period and cases such as feeling tiredness will be avoided. It will give you a clear piece of mind enabling the student to recall whatever they have been taught.