How to make new friends in college

Making new friends in college can prove to be very hard and one prefers to associate with the old friends that he/she is familiar with and comfortable around.

The best way to get to know new people is by attending extracurricular activities; the extracurricular events enable you to get to know a lot of people and also to interact with them. Always remain true and be yourself; you don’t have to be ashamed of your background. One may land a scholarship in a high-class university, and be tempted to play the role of a rich student; this role-playing can rob you of your social life and the few friends that you knew.

Create activities that you get to invite the other college freshmen, this helps you get known and have a high chance of interacting with the students as they approach you. Do not be afraid to initiate conversations, this will make you easily relatable to people. Be nice and hospitable to everyone, do not discriminate against anyone.

Join the clubs in your institution, this way you get to meet very many fresh sets of people and attend numerous networking events. Get a job on campus or off campus so as to get too exposed to more people.

Be vocal and opinionative, this enables other people to spot you easily; do not forget to give people a platform to voice their opinion. Treating everyone equal gives you a favorable ground for them to relate well.

Whenever you meet a new face, say hi and introduce yourself; being courteous goes a long way in you making new friends. Assisting people who need your help also goes a long way as these students are new to the environment and are not well conversant with their surroundings.

Find a unique feature that stands out and maximize it; the unique personality makes other college mates find you interesting and they want to know you more. Create small talk with the students to establish a foundation for a conversation. One should also try out new things, to fit in with the comrades.

Volunteer on campus and off campus, this will help you get out more and have a cordial relationship with your colleagues. Join cultural groups; it does not matter if you belong to that cultural background, or you have an interest in the culture. Joining the cultural groups helps you identify with certain people

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Dorms play a major role in enabling freshmen to make new friends; first-year students being a large number of hostel occupants, are eager to make new friends, one can use this opportunity to socialize and get to know them even better.

However, many students make the mistake of forming squads; the groups limit one from making new friends as you have labeled yourself. Squads also prevent other people from approaching you as some characterize you in a negative way. Joining groups such as book clubs also help in making new friend