How to analyze dreams
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Dreams are visual images that we have when we are asleep; some myths suggest that dreams are images of someone or events that one has been thinking about for a long time. Dreams can be in the form of nightmares or happy dreams. One can get visions through dreams that explain to one what is likely to happen in future; so you have to learn how to study your dreams especially if they are reoccurring.

To analyze a dream one has to record the dreams according to Sumber, taking notes or even putting down a few sentences that encapsulate the dream, literally draws the content of the unconscious out into the realm of the concrete. However, some African believes state that too much focus on a dream can make them come to reality. In events that one cannot remember their dreams, he/she is advised to keep a notebook by his/her bed, and write down anything they remember, if nothing comes to mind they can simply record “no dreams to note”; within two weeks or more they will have started recalling their dreams.

One should consider the emotions that they have in dreams as they could help in elaborating dreams further; also note down if you wake up feeling the same type of emotion in the morning. The emotions can be in the form of joy, sadness, disappointment, anger, or even pain. A dream is a way of our unconscious state to explain itself in form of ideas, thoughts, and actions to gain a deeper understanding of what makes up our characters, and what exactly is going on in our lives.

Dreams can help us define the relationships that we have with different individuals. By closely studying the roles that different creatures or items in one's dream; he/she can note the relationship that he/she has with the person. The way you feel towards an item or character in a dream often reflects how you truly feel towards people.

No one can analyze your dreams for you but yourself. One can seek the help of others by talking to psychiatrists that will help you remember the tiniest details, but it is our responsibility to put the emotions and characters together and investigate what they mean. Everyone dreams, the only difference is that; some do not remember while others remember.

One's dreams can help to foretell their future, one can see images or hear sounds of things that will happen to them, but people do not take these events seriously as they do not take a keen interest on them. In dreams dogs often symbolize instinct, loyalty, and friendship; the dog often reflects actions that you intend on doing or you are doing unconsciously. Cats signify a canning character that is settled and looks harmless. However, cats can signify a betrayer in your life.

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Do not jump to conclusions, when you are not sure of the actions that have occurred or the images that one sees in the dreams. Dreams can just be memories that you have buried in your brain; especially bad events that may have occurred in the past that you would rather forget. Nightmares can be scary images of things that you have thought about for awhile or a scary story that someone narrated to you; for example monsters in the closet or narrations about ghosts.

Dreams can be a way of reminding you of activities that need to be accomplished. The events can occur at any time of the day; either morning, noon, afternoon, evening, or at night they do not have specific timelines for them to occur.