How to style hair

When styling your hair you do not have to be a hair artist. One does not need a lot of time to style to get his/her hair done. Choosing a perfect hair design is a day to day activity that we engage in while getting ready, right after one washes his/her hair. When doing your hair and accessorizing it, one has to consider the time of day and the event that you are attending. Braided hair should also be styled; the artwork that you do on your hair provides a platform for one to showcase his/her creativity.

You require some necessities such as hair clips or pins, different types of comps, a hair band, and a mirror, some people may need a blow dry or flat iron, depending on their preferences. For one's hair to stay put, he/she can flip a pin over the wavy side as the straight side is often slicker and will not be able to hold as well as compared to the curly area.

In cases where one's hair is straight, he/she can use rollers to make the hair curly; the rollers can stay overnight if they do not have a drier. You can also use a coil that is wrapped with a piece of foil; roll your hair around the coil, and then press the coiled hair with a flat iron, that results to wonderful natural looking curls that do not have to be redone after every few hours.

One can also use gels that are applied on natural hair, then tie Bantu knots for a certain period then untie the Bantu knots, resulting in curls that last for as long as a week. When using Bantu knots, the length of your hair does not matter; any styling gel works just right depending on your taste and preference towards particular brands.

There are so many hair locking techniques that guarantee that your hair is held in place for a full day or the required time; the hair does not get in the way of your work. Most professions such as catering, careers, medicine, and the hospitality industry, require people to simply tie their hair back and tie it. Using hairpins that are larger can come in handy; you only need to aim the open part of the pin against the trend that your hair is pulled. You will need to push the pin further towards your head to prevent it from getting loose and falling off. The pins are very discreet as long as one wears them correctly.

Whether one is male or female oiling your hair occasionally gives it a polish and prevents your scalp from drying up. Thus one can also use sheen sprays to boost the gleam of his/her hair.


or men, they can wet their hair with water then use a light pomade to give their hair a good texture. The men can begin by blow drying their hair as they use their fingers to direct they hair backward; they should focus on the central part of the head as the sides, and the back part of the head do not get much attention while styling. Ones the hair is dry, apply styling mud on it, and then use a comp to add extra detail to your hair.

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For ladies, once you have washed your hair, oiled the hair, and dried it, a simple ponytail works wonders as it can be paired with any outfit and it is easily accessorized. You can clasp the ponytail with pins. Ladies can apply gel on the hair to look neat. However, your hair does not have to look all straightened up and straight, messed buns and ponytails always have a great finish.