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If you are an avid writer, then it is safe to assume you have heard of Grammarly. You have probably used it too and added it as an extension to your web browser to check your spelling and grammar. In my experience, it has been very helpful and does the basics. Corrects my spelling, adds a hyphen here and there. It also makes to help me phrase a statement correct and generally I can avoid embarrassment among my readers using Grammarly.

However, I cannot say it is the best plagiarism checker but, it is reliable. It will notify you of the similarity index of your work and point out grammar mistakes on a final report, which is available via the paid version of Grammarly. If you are working on a blog post, essay, thesis, and the likes depending on the level of advancement; I would recommend using it first. This is so as to establish a direction for your work. It sets the tone for more authentic finished works, which will be more presentable to authoritative figures especially if you are doing academic writing.

In the case for bloggers, I would say this is a required step. It shows commitment to your followers to deliver quality content. Whether it is for fun or a lifestyle brand or full-time career as a blogger. It is also good for aspiring writers to use this platform to improve the most basic parts of their learning. Grammarly does offer some features such as a thesaurus, a grammar checking program and plagiarism checker as previously mentioned.

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It is also good to note that Grammarly is also available as an app for writing on your phone or tablets. This makes it very accessible for bloggers who may use their phones to write and make posts. It is also useful for those of you who prefer to write emails or assignments on your tablets. Because proofreading is essential for any serious writer, Grammarly will prove to be very useful when it comes checking your work. Grammarly has been advertised as ‘the world’s most accurate grammar checker’; fixing more than250 types of errors. The good thing is that most of its features are free, making it accessible to anyone with a remote interest in a proofreading application. It also allows users to choose whether they will be using British English or American English. It also has an integrated dictionary for your convenience.

As any academic would know, plagiarism is a big offense that is taken seriously. The offense is punishable by the law. Therefore, all students and writers alike need to be careful when publishing material to do so lawfully. Following the right formats and regulations have given by their respective institutions. Doing an essay, thesis or term paper right means doing the proofreading and plagiarism check to ensure our work is legitimate. Plagiarized work also ruins the reputation of the one who has plagiarized their work. If it is an academic, their reputation and authority will be stained and naturally, this minimizes future opportunities. Few have been able to walk away unscathed by the accusation of plagiarism. It has lost many of their senior roles, careers, and good name. As authority figures, there is a great embarrassment after such an accusation.

This is why writers should take Grammarly seriously because it will avoid bumps along the way like the ones mentioned. The more regularly used, college-approved software as a plagiarism checker is Turnitin. When we ‘copy-paste’ others’ work or try to pass it off as our own, it is a breach of trust between the institution or teaching and examining the body and the student. To quickly filter out work that is plagiarized from that one that is not, many universities now require students to submit their works through plagiarism checker software like Turnitin. On Turnitin, there is a huge amount of work available that will allow you as the student to become aware of your errors and naturally change the plagiarized text and make corrections.