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Applicants to law schools have to write an essay to show that they have the qualifications and character to be successful in the practice. Grades and LSAT (Law School Admission Test) scores are an important part of law application. There is high competition for opportunities to join law school. You must present yourself as an intelligent, mature and persuasive person. These are the qualities that make a professional and successful lawyer. It is the character that law schools try to identify the applicants.

If you are applying to join a law school, an essay is a valuable opportunity for distinguishing yourself from many other candidates more so those with equal scores.

An essay has the allowance to discuss the unique background and life experiences that make you stand out from others. All the same, you should limit your creativity as law essay is not very long. It is not the right forum to discuss the meaning of all the things that happened in your life. Highlight only the experiences that make you an attractive candidate for training in law. How do you improve your prospects with a simple essay? You should take the following approach:

Write specifically for each law school

Probably one law school personal statement can fit the requirement by various schools. It, however, helps if you tweak it to suit every school that you apply. There are usually some slight differences in whatever every school requires for in essays. Amend yours to fit the criteria for each place you send your application.

Find a unique angle

Use your essay to reveal who you are and the characters that make you a unique person. Applicants usually make the mistake of answering the question about themselves in a shallow way. It is not enough to for instance inform members of the admissions committee that you are an American from a given state. These people do not know you. They expect you to provide a deeper sense of who you are. Focus on things that you cannot fit in your resume, but they give admissions officers a real insight about you. They receive an essay that is more personal and specific in a better way.

Avoid chronology

Writing about your life in chronological order is not necessary. You should not begin your story from the day you were unless it was very dramatic. Start with the most interesting things about your life to arouse the interest of the admission officers. Start by sharing the information that makes you interesting, likable and captivating as possible.

Be precise

A personal law statement should have a maximum of 4 pages depending on specifications of the law school. Most cap it at 2-3 double-spaced pages. When you write the initial draft, it will be convenient to start by writing the full four pages so that you still have enough after revising and editing out the unnecessary parts. There are many things to say about your life, but you should avoid weaving all of them in your essay. Find only the thing with similar subject matter or exhibit a trait that you want to demonstrate.

Share your challenges

If you faced a lot of challenges when growing up, you would share some of the experiences that molded your character. Sharing a few of them will make your essay to be unique other people have not gone through the same route. Sharing your life challenges also makes the admissions team sees you as someone who is prepared to face challenges and overcome them.

If you come from a privileged environment, you can still share your story. Just tell your real story way focusing on the aspect that portrays you as the most interesting person. Complete your law essay on a strong note and proofread to be sure that it does not have mistakes.

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