College Athletes, Especially Football Players, Are An Economic Asset To Universities And Should Be Paid Accordingly


The national collegiate Athletic association that regulates student athletics form American institutions and conferences earns over a $1 billion.  It was an increase of 6.6%.  Most of the earnings come from television rights.  University athletics department make over $100 million a year. Athletes are the centre of attraction but the most thy may get are scholarships.  NCAA defends its model. College athletes are an economic asset to their universities and should be paid. 

NCAA and universities continue earn a higher revenue and profit every year, yet students have no monetary gains. Training is by professional coaches who earn a decent amount. For instance, the Alabama Crimson Tide football team paid $11 million to the head coach Nick Saban. Offensive and defensive coordinators earned $1 million. Coaches contribute to success by training the players, but it is not fair that the students get nothing. 

College athletics earn much money for universities, and it is not fair for their student-athletes not to get a share.   It does not make sense for students not to have monetary gain from their talent, yet they might not use their degree to find a job.  Some of them will become professional players for the games they play in university. Athletes are earning higher each season, and it will be fair for college athletes who make money for their institutions to have financial opportunities like professionals. 

 Although college students might want to earn an argument is that they are not professionals but students when turning out for their schools.  It makes some logic until you think of the high salaries for the coaches. If college sport is amateur, the trainers should be members of the faculty who do not get pay for coaching students. Maybe they can only receive an allowance for extra duties but not the huge salary that current head coaches at universities are earning. 

Some people think that students should not earn as it might distract them from education and that the scholarship awards for taking part in college athletics are enough. However, they are an economic asset because it is the game that revenue for NCAA and universities. The sacrifice they make by training over 30 hours week training deserves compensation.

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