An argumentative essay requires a writer to gather, generate and evaluate evidence on a particular topic and to establish ones stand on a topic in a concise manner. The writer’s topic should be debatable and he/she should give a background study on the topic of choice.

Start with an anecdote that will pique the reader’s interest. Put your points in an intellectual, persuasive and logical manner. The points you are arguing out should be clearly elaborated and arranged in a chronological manner from the strongest point to the weakest point. The first paragraph should not argue your topic rather it should explain more about your topic.

Writers of argumentative essays are encouraged to use the first person as this draws the reader’s concentration. The argumentative essay writer should always state their stand on a topic; either they are for it or against it.

A great argumentative essay should incorporate data and facts to show that one is arguing a topic that he/she is conversant with and that the points being stated are facts, not just mere assumptions. The writer has to research the topic widely taking in key points. The argumentative essay writer is encouraged to use pathos, ethos, and logos in his/her article.

Argumentative essays should be very convincing to the reader leaving him/her without a doubt in mind. The writer should pick a topic that he/she has interest in and note down points from both the opposing and proposing point of views but he/she should ensure that his/her position is duly noted. Your evidence should be drama free.

Once you gather enough points with solid foundation one can begin to draft the essay. The argumentative essay should contain an introduction, body, and conclusion; the body usually takes up a lot of space as it contains all the argumentative points.

In the conclusion restate and stress your topic and the points that carry the most weight. Don’t make your conclusion too long, one or two paragraphs is usually recommended. Keep your conclusion brief and precise.

One should avoid displaying his/her emotions as they may make the reader of the essay view it as irrational. Make sure that the conclusion of your essay is logical. Use trustworthy sources that you can cite for evidence. You should avoid emotional language at all cost.

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Before handing in your argumentative essay ensure that you go through it to polish and revise it. This is to avoid any grammatical errors that may have occurred in the essay and to check if you have left out any point.

Argumentative essays are mostly written by lawyers who want to argue out a client’s case. To make your arguments strong use quotes that cannot be disputed by anyone. Keep in mind that your article has to sway people to your opinionative or objective view of point.

It is wise to test out your argument by giving your colleague to go through it before handing it in.try to brainstorm by arguing they point out with your peers.