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Immigrants are people who move from their home countries to go live in a foreign country permanently. In most cases, they go and settle abroad as refugees first before being granted asylum or permanent residency. Refugees flee due to volatile situations such as civil war, political unrest, perhaps even an epidemic that was life-threatening. However, in most cases, immigrants move from their countries in desperation due to poverty hoping for a better future in a foreign land.

In other situations, an immigrant goes to a foreign country as a student, who later gains a work permit to gain employment in their country of residency. After a period of time, they are either naturalized or gain permanent residency and gain citizenship after a prolonged period. They work and live like the locals, and generations that come after adopt the culture and lifestyle of the locals as they are born citizens. These children are often referred to as first generation nationals of the countries they are born into. Based on the recent news since the Arab revolution, to the increased number of Africans drowning in the season their way to Europe, and Syrians fleeing the war it is clear that most people do not take kindly to immigrants. Many countries have declined to host immigrants and those that do have had an outcry either from their citizens or the immigrants in their society, complaining of mistreatment and abuse from the locals. Today, immigrants and children of immigrants that have prospered have taken to speaking on behalf of other immigrants to speak up for their rights.

Immigration policies, such as the ones on the US are often harsh and do not favor the human rights of immigrants. Many countries have also closed their borders across Europe to curb the number of immigrants coming into their countries. The moving process for immigrants is often hard and emotional, especially for those who leave as their only option and have nothing at all to support themselves in the early days.

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The policies for screening, work, and housing permits should not only be swift but also humane. Families should not be separated nor should other. Work should also be fairly designated to immigrants who have the required skills that locals do not have. They should also be given the opportunity to fill a skills gap should the opportunity arise even if they are foreign nationals. Additionally, more countries should make their guidelines clear for foreign nationals who wish to immigrate on how they can do so legally. They should also make it clear on who and how to qualify for citizenship among other benefits to prepare themselves for their move. The information should be made known publicly for interested foreigners, especially if the countries have a skills shortage in a particular industry. A country that covers this section well is Australia and New Zealand, who provide details on how to qualify for work to live and become a resident.

Canada is also another country that has spelled out how to get work in their country and how to get access to, whether it is as an individual, with family and even dependents and relatives. This makes it easier for immigrants to move while knowing they have a secured place to work and where they shall be living. Immigrants should get more livening rights as many of them risked their lives to go elsewhere to work for a living to become financially secure, In a society immigrant are probably the people who want most to succeed to get out desperation, and the governments of the respective countries can help. This is by granting them fair living rights and recognizing them as new members of their society. As people who have rights to equal treatment and gainful employment, education, and benefits as the locals as well. Segregating immigrants or others in society does not do well for their progress and sustainability.