The drinking age in America currently is 21 years old. At this age in all 52 states, a young man or woman is considered old enough to have an alcoholic drink without supervision. I believe this age is appropriate because the young man or woman ha had the chance to learn enough about alcohol and harmful substances to be able to take a drink responsibly. At the age of 18, a young adult is granted by the state most of the freedoms and responsibilities of adulthood.

Alcoholic drinks need to be consumed responsibly. Driving under the influence of alcohol has bee the cause of several accidental deaths. This is why people are advised not to drink and drive. Considering that many youngsters overindulge and do not have the capacity to act within reason under the influence, the age for drinking is prohibited to 21 years old. This allows a young man or woman to become more mature through learning and experience, enough to know drinking should be done within individual limits. As everyone is affected by alcohol differently, knowing how much to consume before becoming completely inebriated is important. This will give you the allowance to designate a driver among friends, call for a cab or commute home in the event you do not have a personal car. Drinking within your limits ensures that you are capable of getting home safely and that you do not cause others to harm with disorderly behavior.

The current drinking age is appropriate and any younger would not be too soon, but rather encourage young drunkards with a lack of self-control. Under the confines of childhood, while young there is a craving to gain freedom, travel, party and make new friendships and experiences. While all this is part of growing up, there are some mistakes and regrettable incidences that can be avoided by delaying the drinking age from 18 to 21.

If the drinking age was suppose pushed to 25, then that would also encourage irresponsible behavior from young adults who feel constrained by the laws of the country. At the age of 25, one is able to get married and even start a family, while drinking requires responsibility, marriage and raising a family requires dedication and a level of maturity that is not even present at the age of 21. It would, therefore, be ironic to deny an adult older than 21 the simple pleasures of a glass of wine or a bottle of beer. Therefore, 21 is an agreeable age and it should be respected by the minorities and other parties until they have gained that age. Clubs and restaurants should not perpetuate underage drinking by hosting underage parties with alcoholic beverages or allowing underage individuals access to their facilities until the right age.

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however, it is important to note that while young adults gain adult freedom and responsibilities at the age of 18, it may seem illogical to them to gain but one. As a result, they often get fake IDs to gain access to nightclubs, to be served alcoholic beverages in restaurants and while dining out. The same applies when they opt to go and buy alcoholic drinks at supermarkets and liquor stores. Making a nuisance of the law that prohibits 18-year-olds from drinking. Instead, they seek every opportunity to consume alcohol and other substances that are harmful to their health. Additionally, it may seem irrational that ta 18 one can marry and start a family while they cannot obtain a seat at the bar. Marriage and parenthood are considered much more serious responsibilities than being able to drink within your limits. Nevertheless, irresponsible drinking has in the past led to the deaths of many innocent peoples. This alone is enough to prohibit irresponsible drinking and cap the age at 21 instead of 18. Therefore I am leaning more towards agreement than indifference on the drinking age.