Breast Cancer Risk among Black Women in the United States of America


Cancer is a medical condition in which cells within the affected tissues spreads and multiplies in an abnormal way and cause tumors that are extremely difficult to treat. Cancer exists in different forms ranging from breast, lung lymphatic, skin, cervical, and prostate cancer among many other types. The method of treatment of cancerous tumors may involve surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. However, a patient may be required to undergo more than one of the methods to completely get cured. In the United States cancer is one of the most deadly diseases that causes a high number of deaths especially at the later ages of 40 and above.

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Consequence Management

The term consequence management refers to the measures that are taken to safeguard the health and safety of the public, restore important services from the government, and give emergency relief to businesses, governments and individuals who are affected by the impacts of a high-yield situation that is explosive or a biological, chemical, nuclear. Good consequence management does not only provide effective preparedness for potential disasters but also ensures there is improved response for emergency, actions that are constant and consistent actions that reduce the risk of incidents related to the emergency. It also provides efforts that are coordinated in remediation and recovery (Erickson, 1999).

One of the major consequence planning is response planning an effective response has three phases namely: prepare respond and recover and in each, some tasks are performed as outlined below.

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John Hopkins Marketing and Health Care System

The direct impact of marketing for John Hopkins Health Care

Many health care providers spend close to $2 billion every year on a direct-to-consumer advertising and this effort has been successful, W. David Bradford (2012), Impacts of marketing 12th ed p 154 & 166. John Hopkins spent $1.5billion for the last one year carrying out advertising of its products and services. Patients inquire about the John Hopkins medication they view on television and other print media and they get prescription from doctors. John Hopkins Health Care System has also adopted the use of freeways with billboard advertising how remarkable their health care services are. This has turned out to be beneficial for the institution.They also adopt the marketing practice that praises the benefits of ct scans for cancer screening. A concern is emerging about the rationale for advertising health care products and services and there is emerging body of evidence that is being revealed about the

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Dissertation Analysis

Analysis of data is a very important chapter in dissertation writing since it consists of collected data as well as the analysis from the researcher. However, data presentation and analysing it in a comprehensive way that can be understood is the main concept of having well-organized analysis chapter. The analysis should be carried out in an appropriate format with enough details that offers support to the researcher's views. Different sections should and must be included in data analysis chapter of the dissertation. First, the dissertation should have summary discussing the purpose of the research and the process used to conduct the research. In addition, in the summary, it is important to include a good description of data types, instruments of collecting data as well as any assumptions that might have been made during the research.

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Physics Lab Report



The objectives of this experiment were to understand equivalence of electrical and heat energy, learn techniques of calorimetry and how to measure both electrical energy and joule equivalent of electrical energy.


Joule equivalent of electrical or mechanical heat is the quantity of electrical energy contained in a unit of heat energy. The two forms of energy are measured in joules (J) . Heat energy is measured in kilocalories. Sir James Joule studied electrical and mechanical energy and found that between the two there is a constant of proportionality. This constant is the Joule equivalent of heat, denoted by J. In this experiment the factor was to be determined.

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